With the help of our highly qualified & experienced developers we deliver highly customized web applications to our clients. We provide web applications of various types such as CMS, eCommerce web portal, and enterprise web development.

Java Development

Java is a vast sea where our talented divers too swim along. Gain benefits from our experienced Java experts building your web application in an extraordinary way. Being the top most web technology Java Web application development is used to develop multiple web based applications. Java application is used worldwide to develop customized software, E-commerce applications, web portals and mobile applications. We have an admirable team of web developers who keep themselves updated to the latest technologies that are into the market strategies. We design both Java based web and mobile based web technologies. Our team of Java developers makes use of the web development frame works, coding languages and other tools that help to afford quality Java solutions.


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Why Java Development Services?

Custom Java Development

We satisfy the client needs of diverse industries using Java solutions that are scalable, collective and affordable in the market.

Java Migration Service

We port your current website of other platform to java based application development platform to maintain it highly secured.

Enterprise Java Development

Helps you to develop the website with more features and maintain it more efficiently through our magnificent Java solutions.

Java application maintenance and support

Full time back end support to satisfy the customers and meet their business needs with high priority.

Java CMS Service

Our CMS service support makes it optimal to attain rapid development and open integration to get cross channel experience.

Java Mobile Development

Custom mobile application service that well suits your business category and make it customer friendly.

PHP Development

Kevell Corp has a team of well experienced PHP professionals, who always looks forward and get updated to the new technologies to provide bug free web application for businesses of different perspectives under single roof. Being especially suitable for web application development and easily blended with HTML code, PHP is the main core used by vast no. of developers.

PHP web development services

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In spite of the fact that Laravel is moderately new PHP framework without a doubt it is the most famous PHP Framework out there these days among developers. It is easy to learn Laravel because each release and update is fully documented. To make rapid application development possible Laravel has many fascinating features. The Artisan command-line interface gives various supportive commands while developing the application. Laravel has pre-designed templates, which empowers common tasks such as authentication, caching, sessions, RESTful routing, and queuing easier for developers.


CodeIgniter is a simple but powerful PHP Framework and one of the oldest among the PHP Frameworks. Since it requires minimal user configuration, it can be easily installed. It works flawlessly on almost all shared and dedicated hosting platforms. It is well-known for its usability, performance and speed. As mentioned earlier unlike other frameworks, this PHP framework is ideal for shared hosting accounts and it is advisable for beginners in PHP development.

CMS Development

Attain the entire attribute of CMS with Kevell Corp. Now start customizing your own website using Content Management System that helps to update your latest business information whenever required. We build blindly impressive website that influences the customers with its amazing architecture and help them to be engaging one. We promise you to deliver highly innovative website design structure. This method of website development is not only about the website customization features but also the appearance.

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Word Press is high end solution that meets the requirements of the website to make it fully functional. It would be the perfect option among the choices of CMS web application. This technology is one of the peak technologies in trend among the developers world. Moreover it is SEO friendly that helps boosting the websites performance.


Build your website on Joomla, the most popular and advanced CMS development platform. This web application helps you to meet all type of objectives. All sorts of websites including static, dynamic and e-commerce websites for business purposes can be designed using Joomla application. Now start your online business with our Joomla experts.


Drupal has acclaimed as most versatile CMS platform that has been leveraged by several businesses to frame unique websites and applications. We deliver most professional and adaptable Drupal development service features rich, flexible, reliable, and extendible website. Drupal platform helps to create an immersive experience for end users. This ideal platform can be utilized by business of any scale.

E-Commerce Development

Nowadays building your business store online has become an essential one in this trending world. It is simply not driving traffic to the website more over it is converting your business store online. Get ideas from the best ecommerce website development company and start converting your offline business online. Experience the enormous business growth taking your products direct to the hand of customers. Our professionals who are keen to work on coding bring out effective ecommerce solutions. We keep on updating ourselves to the latest trends and technologies to meet the requirements of the clients with latest trending technologies in the market. We are sure that our work outcome would be an outstanding one comparing to the marketers with our proven results mentioned in our work history.

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It is all about having a user friendly ecommerce website. Then Magento must be your exact choice of selection to build your online store. We design websites from the starch and customize based on the business needs.

  • Magento well integrates with the modules and provides high flexibility.
  • Inherited SEO features to make SEO friendly website.
  • Customise the website as per your requirement beyond time to meet the entire business goals.
  • Run multiple online stores with single back end system.

Planning to extend your ecommerce Word Press online store? Then WooCommerce will be the right choice to make execute it. Our well experienced development team is ready to provide you the best WooCommerce solutions, extending hands to help your business.

  • Woocommerce is an open source tool free to develop websites.
  • Good flexibility and easy to customize tool.
  • Highly secured service with payment integration and low maintenance cost.
  • PSD to responsive Woocommerce Conversion.

Angular JS Development

Angular JS is yet another web application development service that is of Javascript MVC framework. Being an open source platform it is solely a front-end development framework entirely meant for web application. This application paves way to develop and maintain perfect architectural and error free web and mobile applications. Angular JS is the most trending technology in demand in the current market scenario. Techno Kryon’s development crew on fond of getting updated to the latest technologies also have tasted this technology and had become well versed in coding it. The main and major feature in it is that it has more interactive web pages and minimum amount of server loads and interactions.

Single Page Applications

Our team of super-skilled AngularJS developers tends to help you develop tranquil single page application in case of necessity. Now it’s time to join us and convert your website to the trending technology.

Interactive Dashboards

Specially structured highly interactive dashboard to have control over your web or mobile application will be provided to clients. In other words the user can easily understand the usability of it without the guidance of the technical programmer.

Social Networking Platforms

Show the online presence of your business on popular social Medias through Social media integration service. Now customers can find and confirm your official social media accounts easier by linking it to website.

Two way data binding

This method helps to reduce the amount of hand coding that needs to be written in order to bring together the application. This easy data binding escapes you from handling the Document Object Model (DOM).

Dependency Injection

This platform has a built-in dependency injection subsystem that helps developers to develop applications on Angular JS platform. It permits to ask for your assurance rather than looking for them. Gain control over core Angular Js by adding up a service as parameter.


Directives being one among the important features of Angular JS, is most challenging part of it. Custom widgets on HTML tags can be customized using Angular JS. Manipulation of DOM attributes and additional elements are accomplished using this technology.

Node JS Development

Node JS is a platform developed on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime. More over many of the companies give importance to Node Js application development service as it is the peak technology that is fast and reliable. To be mentioned Java script is used to develop Node JS server side and networking application. Node Js contains inbuilt library of JavaScript modules to streamline Node.js web application development process. Just a while ago Internet-of-Things IDE has made known that Node.js project type to run IOT devices and this automatically showcases Node.JS as a progressively maturing technology. Their core support community often comes up with new updates on web and mobile applications using Node JS.

Why Node.js?

Open Source

As this Node JS technology is open source this can be used for free and customised according to their requirements to fulfil their needs.


The noticeable feature of this technology is easy to code light weight programming language that occupies less storage.

Super Fast

Comparing to other technologies Node.js’s execution and processing time are much lesser as it is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JS Engine.

Cloud Scalability

It is a scalable frame work technology that helps to support application development on cloud solution to the wide range.

Multi-platform Compatibility

The main thing is Node.js supports both server and browser platforms, which many of the technologies lack to and struggle with.

Code Reusability

As Node.js is open source platform and simple to customise, once written the same can be used in multiple applications.

Android App Development

As more than 85% of the mobile users use android smart phones, then who else will not be interested in launching their business on mobile application development? Now it’s never late to bring your business in app format that too with best android app development company in Chennai. We design native android app with haunting design and that generates profitable revenue to your business. Separate Android application for mobile, tablet and Android TV devices is developed by our experts. Our technical experts always tend to develop the app in the user’s point of view with booming concept that works efficiently and support all android smart phones. We keep on monitor the app activities reviews to maintain the brand reputation of your business.

Android App Development Service

Porting current app to android Platform

Build your business globally by converting it to android platform reaching massive android users. We port your current app to Android platform regardless of the platform it is built on. Our team of enthusiastic developers designs the mobile app in such a way to enhance the experience of the users.

  • Access on cross platform
  • Upgrade application
  • Reach vast no. of android users
  • Improve the business opportunities
  • Increased ROI
Native Android app Development

This kind of app development is a boon to Android community as it makes use of all latest android technologies and supports all functionality of mobile devices. We have a confident android team as they have vast experience worked in various industries.

  • Access the app offline
  • Make use of all device features
  • Ultimate work activity
  • Robust user experience
  • Expansion on single platform
Custom Android App Development

As massive number of population use android devices, most of the businesses want to make their footprints building android apps. After an app is made we have to impart the value of the purpose of app. It should be expansible, captivating and purposeful.

  • User-friendly experience
  • Business compatible features
  • Effective Apps
  • Highly secured Apps
  • Pertinent apps to stand out

IOS App Development

iOS nowadays has become more popular in market due to huge amount of apps it sponsors to its users. Businesses who would never want to miss out their customers leave their footprints also in this platform and extend their business. Join hands with the top tier iOS app development company Chennai, and get your mobile app for Apple devices. Our experts are specialized in handing over mobile applications beyond our client’s expectations. We hear your business needs and strive hard to the core and fulfill it with cutting edge solutions.

How it Works?

Have a deep analysis of iPhone application development process to produce a user driven approach. Follow by is our unique approach towards our projects.

User Interface Design and Prototype

This ascendable perspective by our professionals takes a deep look to the requirement of the customers and jump into the development process.

SDK Study

Our energetic team keeps on updated to the latest technologies, and adopt ourselves to deliver the high quality service of latest version.

Customisation from Design To Delivery

We try to deliver the customer apps fully tailored with the all features to rejoice the customer needs in simpler way