DevOps Services

A movement started to take shape. It is a movement of people who believe that it is now time to change the IT industry–to stop wasting money, to start providing great, large-scale software and systems. This is called the DevOps Movement. What is DevOps, however? From where does it come? And what could it accomplish?

If you are looking for the highest software quality then DevOps is the only solution. Here at Kevell Corp, we offer a combined solution of software development and information technology operations. Our expert team is having an in-depth knowledge of the development tools used and the DevOps infrastructure setups.

Our DevOps solutions will automate everything in the infrastructure with the expertise of the hardware to ensure high availability for rock-solid reliability applications without holding on the compatibility problems.

Technologies we are working with

  • Ansible, Puppet, Chef.

    • Docker
    • Vagrant Docker
    • Cluster
    • Mesosphere, Kubernetes, Swarm, Ranger
  • Grafana with openTSDB, Integrating graphite, kairosDB Automation. Gathering metrics, Monitor plugin, Integrating the data with application by scripting in Python, Bash, Perl.

  • AWS, Rackspace, Azure, Digital Ocean, Eucalyptus, Open stack.

    • SQL:-MySql, Maria-DB, Percona cluster,postgresql.
    • NO-SQL:-Mongo-DB, Redis, AWS Dynamo.
    • CI/CD:-Jenkins, Codeship, Bamboo.
    • Log Management:-Splunk, Gray log – HA, logstash, Cloud watch.
    • Business Support:-By in -depth experience creating the graphs by system.
    • Version Control:-Git, SVN.