Aarogya Pregnancy is a very helpful app for a pregnant woman. The app has following features to guide week by week child and mothers health changes, health tracking, dairy to take notes, to capture the moments, maintain medical records, contraction counter, kick counter all offered on a beautiful interface.

Available as Web Application, Mobile Application(Android and IOS)


Virtual Reality

Cognition - gaming application with an interactive/animated app with avatars. Activates different parts of our brain and uses the cognitive knowledge we have such as our memory or problem solving skills with three different levels of complexity. Multiple games/scenarios each targeting various areas of cognition, it includes these basic areas: attention, perception, memory, learning new information and higher reasoning such as safety awareness and problem solving.


Aura Aerosols

Aura fresheners dispenser provides a liquid crystal display that notifies when a refill or battery needs to be replaced.

Aahar App

An intelligence added to an electric cooker. Highly intuitive App screens provide extensive control on cooking and monitoring from remote.

Sense me App

Make the home smart. Control fans and lights all over the home via sense me app. Built in sensors helps to initiate control from the hand devices.

Dip Research App

Use the intelligence added. Dip to control Plant Sprayer with your own Pesticide or Fertilizer solution to deliver a precise, continuous and uniform spray for optimal plant surface.